Editorial design

Our client for this editorial design project was the Community and Economic Participation Branch, Victorian Department of Human Services. The project was to produce a high quality publication called Inspiring stories by young Victorians, showcasing the stories and achievements of up to 100 young people in Victoria participating in Youth Affairs portfolio initiatives over a 2-year period. The target audiences were young people who had participated in the programs, the Departments partner organisations and the broader youth sector.

In consultation with our client, skysdesign developed the concept and distribution plan. This included:

  • Managing the design, production and printing of the document
  • Sourcing photographs for profiles ensuring these have a consistent look and feel
  • Proofreading profiles to ensure consistent length and tone
  • Providing additional written content where necessary
  • Design of an invitation to the launch at Parliament House.

To download a soft copy of the book “Inspiring stories by young Victorians” visit: www.youthcentral.vic.gov.au

Editorial design: Inspiring stories by young Victorians

Editorial design: Inspiring stories by young Victorians