This animation was created as part of an Investor Proposal we created for Healthy Waterways, a Brisbane based environmental charity that works with members from government, industry and the community to protect and improve South East Queensland’s waterways.

The animation and presentation were created for prospective investors in Healthy Waterways social enterprise,Water on Tap®. Water on Tap® is a vending machine that distributes glass and aluminium bottles that can be refilled at anyWater on Tap® filling station.

The goal of the project was to raise awareness at the extent of plastic bottle waste ending up in SE QLD waterways and landfill and seek investment in the vending machine to have a positive impact on this issue by reducing the number of bottles that are not properly recycled.

After the release of the original animation the product was rebranded as Go2Zone. To support this rebranding we created a new animation with a distinctly different style from the original Water on Tap®