Myotherapy Association Australia rebrand

Myotherapy Association Australia

This complete rebrand incorporated a series of workshops with the Board to identify a personality that resonated with how the Association members perceived the Association and supported the direction that they needed to take to grow their membership. The final decision was the Hero archetype. This Archetype is defined as:

“An organisation that seeks to lead and to determine its’ own future and the future of their industry. They tend to be self confident, self-disciplined and direct. They can also be motivational. Hero brand customers feel inspired, empowered, determined to succeed and motivated and Hero brands inspire others by showing the challenges that have been overcome”.

We have captured this sense of leading through the logo design in a number of ways:

  1. The letters of the acronym are in two different sizes to create a 3D effect. The M stands strong in front of the A simulating a hero pose.
  2. Different font weights are used to create hierarchy between the words. We produce visual contrast and balance by expanding the space between letters.
  3. The round typography has a soft and engaging feel to it, which reflects the organisation’s friendliness.


Myotherapy Association Australia - branding

Myotherapy Association Australia – branding