Digital Storytelling

Film/Video/Photography/Animation production

Digital storytelling allows Not For Profit organisations the opportunity to bring to life their social cause and the impact that they make to people who live on the fringes of society. The ability to bring to life a social problem in a manner that creates empathy and raises the awareness of your organisations capability to create a positive difference to somebody’s life is essential to a Not For Profit organisations fundraising goals.

Many of our clients are looking at digital storytelling as a means of communicating their social impact. Our network of specialist providers includes seasoned professionals (including social enterprises) with direct experience of providing a high standard of quality digital storytelling services to Not For Profit, government and commercial clients. skysdesign takes the time to make sure that our network have a good experience of working within the Not For Profit sector so that they understand some of the challenges that may be experienced by our clients in the communication of their social purpose.

Much of our film production work is provided by a highly professional social enterprise.

One other purpose for film is the communication of your programs social impact. By conveying complex social problems in a style that engages a wide audience through animation, video and audio as well as related technical data can make it faster and simpler for your target audience to engage with you and your ambition.

If you’re looking for a unique way to communicate your organisations Social Return we have a solution.

City of Port Phillip – Value of Grants
The 3 videos below have all been made for the City of Port Phillip. They were created to help communicate the impact of the City of Port Phillip’s Community Grants program on these 3 programs. The organisations organisations are:

Early Childhood Intervention Australia (Vic Chapter) – NDIS Readiness

We’re developing a series of 5 animated explainer videos for Early Childhood Intervention Australia (Victorian Chapter) (ECIA Vic) focusing on the topic of NDIS readiness. These videos will promote the resources of ECIA Vic and will focus on topics such as

  • NDIS readiness,
  • Promotion of the best practice guides,
  • Role of peak bodies & advocacy,
  • How providers help families.

The target audience for the videos is their member organisations and staff who are seeking greater knowledge regarding the NDIS and organisational management in the new environment.

This is the first of the 5.

Inclusion Melbourne – Dental Health

This animated series explaining four areas of dental health was developed specifically for Inclusion Melbourne clients in an attempt to reduce the fear of going to the dentist or orthodontist. Inclusion Melbourne provides day service for adults with an intellectual disability.

This series was made to help their clients to understand how to care for teeth and to attempt to remove some of the fear of visiting the dentist or orthodontist.

These short explainer videos were prepared with input from a dentist and an orthodontist to ensure accuracy in the processes.

Inclusion Melbourne – Dental Health

– Applying Braces

Inclusion Melbourne – Dental Health
– How to brush your teeth

Inclusion Melbourne – Dental Health
– Getting a filling

Inclusion Melbourne – Dental Health
– How to floss

Reclink – AAA Play
This animation was created for Reclink to promote AAA Play, a program focused on engaging people with disability in sport.

For this project we animated two pre drawn characters –   Lila who we showed as a keen swimmer who has made a lot of friends through her participation in swimming and Joe who, after a car accident, has got back into life by picking up wheelchair basketball.

We sourced the voice over for the Lila character and the Captain Access character and created animated backgrounds that brought the still characters to life.

The message in these scripts is about social inclusion through sport.

City of Port Phillip – It’s there for life
These three animations were made to support the City of Port Phillips Family, Youth & Children Department to develop collateral that raised the awareness of young people about their posting habits.

These three animations focused on online bullying, online gaming and online reputation.

We worked with council staff and a reference group of young people to write the scripts and develop the storyboard for these videos.

All of the characters have been hand drawn by local illustrator Neryl Walker and then animated by Matt Porter.

City of Port Phillip –
It’s there for life campaign about cyber bullying

City of Port Phillip –
It’s there for life campaign about gaming addiction

City of Port Phillip –
It’s there for life campaign about reputation